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Australian Fluid Power Society Inc

The website for the Australian Fluid Power Society Inc (AFPS) got a facelift. The strong need for a good membership management directed the society to Wild Apricot – an online membership software.

Our task was to adjust one of their prefabricated themes to suit the branding of the Fluid Power Society. Heavy usage of CSS styles helped achieving this mission.

Only members have the benefit of enjoying a lot of valued information, hidden for the public.

Head over to their website at AFPS

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Screenstyle WA needed a new website that operated and looked professional and reflected our style and branding. Otti has delivered us exactly that and opened our eyes to the depth in which we can promote our business. He is patient, meticulous and can foresee our company’s future needs, which saves us time, effort and money.

Troy Stockden, Managing Director
Screenstyle WA